In Letsfair

A marketplace for shared economy apps

The name Letsfair came up from the combination of two expressions: “Laissez-faire”, which represents economic liberalism, and “Let’s play fair”. Therefore, the name Letsfair refers to the fair practice of economic liberalism.

The goal of the Letsfair project is to build a shared economy network, which in practice, is a marketplace for many types of apps. Our biggest challenge is to promote a decentralized work organization.

To give you a better picture, imagine that an entrepreneur wants to perform a project, and that this will be possible with Letsfair: they can look for skilled professionals from many fields; check each of their reputations; assemble a decentralized work team; divide the property rights among the participants; make the payments, and at the end, have his project fully developed and completed. This is our mission: to decentralize work relations.

The guiding principles for Letsfair are:

  • By using technology, we can assure that users take true control of their own data;
  • Offer tools for the users to build a multidimensional reputation, which will measure many human features, enabling them to have a value;
  • Enable the creation of work agreements between people for building commercial relations and decentralized projects;
  • Establish guarantees for the right of digital property;
  • Offer payment and negotiation tools, which is key to close deals.

Therefore, with all currently available and emerging technologies, such as blockchain, it is possible and feasible to build this project, ensuring that its principles fit into the free market, strengthening the establishment of shared economy, or in other words, “Uberization.”