Token Sale

Letsfair Token (LTF)

To invest in Letsfair you need to acquire LTF tokens. For now, they are being directly sold by our sales representatives.

Sales Stages

Stage Duration Amount LTF Price (USD) Status


To acquire LTF tokens, contact one of our sales representatives directly:

Payment method

The payment must be exclusively made with Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) coins. To receive your LTF tokens, you will need an Ethereum wallet, because the tokens are in the ERC20 standard.


It is very important that your Ethereum wallet is under your own custody, that is, that it is not a wallet in an exchange. As a suggestion, use a wallet in the Trust Wallet or MetaMask apps. Follow the tutorials below to install and set them up. It will be necessary to insert the LTF contract data to view the tokens in your wallet.

Backup your wallet because we do not hold responsibility for the loss of tokens. Once they are received, they will be under your responsibility, and we cannot reverse any transaction.

Trust Wallet

Installation and setup



Installation and setup