The Marketplace of Shared Economy Apps

What is Letsfair?

What is Letsfair?

But why?

The goal of Letsfair is to build a shared economy network, which in practice is a market for many types of apps. Letsfair wishes to create an environment that makes it possible for many entrepreneurs to create these apps simply and engagingly.

For that, we will provide many Blockchain-based features, which is the technology that has been revolutionizing the global economy, because it lowers operating costs and increases trust between people.

Letsfair has the mission of decentralizing the work relations and strengthen the establishment of economic liberalism fairly. We invite you to join us on this journey and help us make history.

The pillars of Letsfair

1. Identity

1. Identity

Privacy and significant data

2. Reputation

2. Reputation

Multidimensional and interoperable among businesses

3. Consensus

3. Consensus

Income and labor sharing agreements

4. Digital Ownership

4. Digital Ownership

Issue of financial assets and certificates

5. Finance

5. Finance

Currencies, wallet control and payments

6. Negotiation

6. Negotiation

Applications for relationships and exchange of values

Understand the details

Business Paper

Download and read this document to understand Letsfair’s business model. It has a rational base on the vision and structure of the product. It is a dynamic tool for management support. It facilitates the investors’ understanding and decision-making process.

White Paper

It is a detailed document about the problem we wish to solve and the proposal of the solution. With a scientific approach, this article shows the concepts and techniques we wish to adopt in the development of the project. Download it and read it carefully! It is time to relax and take the foot off the gas.



Shared economy

Shared economy has started a new way of consumption, in which the people prefer to rent, lease, or share instead of buying. In this new economy, human activities are organized more horizontally than vertically.

In the transportation sector, for example, more and more people choose car sharing services. In the real estate sectors, property owners earn an extra income offering accommodations and experiences for travelers. Now imagine if there were apps for all the other economic activities.


App marketplace

The concept of marketplace is the same as a shopping mall, which gathers many stores in a single place. It is considered advantageous for the consumer because it facilitates the search for the best products with the best price. And the advantage for the store owner is the visibility they get because they have access to the audience of the entire marketplace without spending much on advertising.

But Letsfair is not only a marketplace for product stores; it is a marketplace for shared economy services apps.


Network effect

Letsfair will play the role of connection between suppliers and consumers of many types, becoming a network for many multilateral platforms. When these platforms connect among themselves, they generate a powerful network effect, which exponentially increases its scale.

The more apps arise at the marketplace, the bigger the community will become, and better services will be offered. That will attract more new entrepreneurs and, consequently, new users, generating a virtuous cycle of growth.


Meaning of the name Letsfair

The name Letsfair is an invitation for everyone to participate in the great business fair (let’s go to the fair). The name was chosen because it sounds similar to the French expression, Laissez-faire, which literally means “let do” and it is considered a symbol of the liberal economy defended by capitalism.

The full expression that reveals the idea of “free market” and that led to Laissez-faire is “laissez faire, laissez aller, laissez passer, le monde va de lui-même” which means “Let do, let go, let pass, the world goes on by itself”. The name Letsfair also refers to the expression “Let’s play fair”, which added to Laissez-faire refers to the fair practice of economic liberalism.

Join us on this journey

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

The first app on the marketplace

With the aim to test some of Letsfair’s concepts and principles, we developed the first app as a proof of concept, which in the future will become a functional product. It is Piece of Cake, which purpose is to enable the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies from person to person, in a simple and easy manner.

Access the website of the app and learn more.


  • Anselmo Zago
    Anselmo Zago Founder & Blockchain Scientist
  • Guilherme Pagotto
    Guilherme Pagotto Co-Founder & Head of Finance and Legal
  • Bernardo Quintão
    Bernardo Quintão ADVISOR
  • Marcos Rosa
    Marcos Rosa Financial Market Manager
  • Adal Bueno
    Adal Bueno Full Stack Developer
  • Victor Soares
    Victor Soares Full Stack Developer
  • Marcio Misumi
    Marcio Misumi Full Stack Developer
  • Júlio César Contipelli
    Júlio César Contipelli Mobile & Backend Developer

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